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What are the guidelines for?

Loritta's dream is to make the world a better place, entertaining and helping people along the way.

For her to be able to make her dream come true, there are guidelines, so that only people who wish she can reach her sonhos can follow and have fun with her.

Note: We do not actively monitor and are not responsible for published activities or content; however, we expect owners of servers, moderators and administrators to follow these guidelines on your servers And we can interfere if they are not followed.

If server administrators purposely do not punish users who are actively breaking the guidelines, the server may lose the privilege of using Loritta.

It’s great to do the following

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The following actions aren't tolerated

  • !!{website.guidelines.prohibited.description}!!

What will happen if I break the rules?

If you break any of the guidelines, you may receive one or more penalties from the list.

  • Be banned from Loritta's support servers.
  • Losing your Loritta privileges on your server and other servers.
  • Your server loses the privilege of using Loritta.
  • Be banned from all servers that have Loritta's global ban system activated.
  • Be banned from all servers that Loritta is on.

The level of the punishment and what punishments you will receive will be based on what you did to be punished. Breaking non-serious rules without the intention of harming Loritta guarantees you low penalties that can can be reversed just by apologizing, but breaking the rule intentionally in order to harm Loritta guarantees higher punishments, with no chance of forgiveness.

If you have regretted and the reason for the punishment is not so serious, talk to someone on the Loritta team to see if you can be unbanned. But remember: We are not required to unban you, you broke the guidelines because you wanted to. Arguing that "I didn't know about them" is not an excuse, since all that is in the guidelines are rules that anyone who has had a decent education knows it is wrong.