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What are guidelines used for?

O sonho da Loritta é transformar o mundo em um lugar melhor, divertindo e ajudando as pessoas pelo caminho.

Para ela conseguir realizar o sonho dela, existem as diretrizes dela, para que apenas as pessoas que desejam que ela consiga chegar em seus sonhos possam seguir e se divertir com ela.

Observação: Não monitoramos ativamente e não somos responsáveis por atividades ou conteúdo publicados; no entanto, esperamos que os proprietários dos servidores, mods e administradores sigam essas diretrizes em seus servidores e poderemos intervir caso elas não sejam seguidas.

Caso administradores de servidores propositalmente não punam usuários que estão ativamente quebrando as diretrizes, o servidor poderá perder o privilégio de utilizar a Loritta.

It's great to do the following

  • Utilizar as funcionalidades da Loritta para te entreter, te ajudar em seus servidores e muito mais.
  • Recomendar a Loritta para seus amigos.

The following actions will not be tolerated

  • Desrespeitar as diretrizes da plataforma que você está.
    • In case you find some person that is disrespecting the guidelines of the platform, report for the platform staff and, in case applicable, report to Loritta's staff.
  • Espalhar mentiras ("fake news") sobre a Loritta ou relacionados. Continuar a espalhar mentiras mesmo após ter provado que você está errado significa que você é alguém babaca.
  • Utilizar conteúdo NSFW (not safe for work) em funcionalidades da Loritta.
  • Tentar atacar, prejudicar ou derrubar a Loritta.
  • Tentar conseguir vantagens burlando restrições impostas pela Loritta. Se você precisa fazer algo fora do comum para conseguir vantagens contra outros usuários (Exemplo: Criar mais contas para conseguir recompensas), então é proibido.
  • Ofender, xingar ou sexualizar a Loritta.
    • No, sharing free hate is not a "contructive criticism" and trying to disguise your offenses as a "construtive criticism" is not an excuse to not be punished. If you want to make a critic, be constructive and say what should be improved on Loritta instead of only offending to offend. Constructive criticism helps improving Loritta and this way everyone gets benefitted, no free hate.
    • We won't punish in case it is a "light swear" (example: "idiot") but we will punish in case it is a "heavy swear" (example: "bitch", "fucker"). We will also punish if the user has offended many times in a row (since it makes the swears only in free hate)
    • As we only punish if the user is reported, you won't have problems in case you offend or swear in your private server that only has you and Loritta. But we will punish if you swear in public places.
    • The reason of punishing those attitudes is to avoid that users keep creating opinions based on lies and swears about her. And, also, if you don't like her, then why should you use her?
    • Loritta might be only a bot, but there are people that worked hard so that she could be what she is today. Realizing such actions desrespects their work. Imagine if you worked during years in something that is your dream, just for someone to start cursing her for no reason, without even explaining how you should improve your work.
    • Remember that only Loritta's staff can really judge who Loritta is. Saying that you made "a Loritta" and she disrespected some of the guidelines is a lie and breaks the content rights law.
  • Utilizar funcionalidades da Loritta para quebrar as diretrizes.
    • There are users that don't know that it is possible to make such things on Loritta, and, because of that, they blame Loritta when see her saying bad things instead of blaming the users that did it. Because of that, forcing Loritta to answer profanities, inappropriated content or something that breaks the community guidelines is prohibited.
  • Tentar se passar pela Loritta ou se passar por alguém da equipe dela.
    • Changing your name and avatar to the same as Loritta uses.
      • You can utilize fan arts that were made for Lori, since that you do not use her name. But before using a fan art as an avatar, ask the fan art's artist if you can use it.
    • Creating bots that have the name and avatar that Loritta uses.
    • Inventing or sharing lies saying that you or your bot have any relation with Loritta or her staff.
      • impersonating Loritta only for "Joking" is not an excuse to not be punished.
    • In case a server has a bot that is impersonating Loritta, the server owner will be banned until he proves who added the bot in the server.
  • Tentar evadir/burlar punições. Caso você tente fazer isto, você será punido novamente, sem chance de ser desbanido.
  • Plagiar a Loritta. Você pode se inspirar em funcionalidades dela, mas copiar quase identicamente ela é proibido.

What will happen if I break the rules?

In case you break any of the guidelines, you can receive one or more punishments from the list.

  • Be banned from Lorittas support servers.
  • Loose your privileges from using Loritta in your server and in other servers.
  • Your server loose the privilege of using Loritta.
  • Be banned from all servers that have Lorittas global ban system activated.
  • Be banned from all servers that Loritta is.

The punishment level and which punishments you will receive is based on what you made to be punished. Breaking rules not that serious without the intent to prejudice Loritta grants you low punishments that can be reverted only by saying sorry, but breaking rules intentionally with the intent of prejudicing Loritta grants you serious punishments, without chance of forgiveness.

In case you have regret and the punishment reason was not that serious, talk with someone from Lorittas's staff to see if you could be unbanned. But remember: We don't have to unban you, you broke the guidelines because you wanted to. Arguing that "I didn't know about them" is not an excuse, since that everything that is on the guidelines are rules that anyone that had decent education knows that is wrong.