Who am I?

Howdy, my name is Loritta (or, as how my close friends call me, "Lori") and I'm yet another Discord bot with unique features that you never seen before!

I have a lot of entertainment features (like funny commands and memes), social features (profiles with XP and reputation), extremely customizable (you can enable/disable any command, change my prefix and much more!) with a simple focus: Be the best general purpose bot for Discord!

One of the reasons that made me be what I'm today was the lack of brazilian Discord bots, because a lot of servers were using bots "of low quality" in portuguese or bots that talk (actually write) in english... and let's be honest, none of those options seems nice for the users... and that's why I promise to change that! (even though I also speak in English... 🤷)


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Variety and Quality

Creativity is the word that describes me: with my unique features, it is impossible to not have entertainment! I value the quality and the variety of the features, being a bot all-in-one that nothing will be missing.

I have more than 100 different commands, of several different categories, like administration, utility, entertainment, image collage — or "Photoshop", games, YouTube integration, Feeds RSS/Atom and Amino integration, event reaction (like when someone joins/leaves, autorole and event log), e a bunch more, always valuing the feature quality.


There are always differences, and I can't please everyone. That's why I have a very intuitive administration panel, where you can edit a lot of features to be the way you like. Modify me in the way you like to fit your preferences and needs!


One of my biggest goals is to make you (and your server members) more happy, even if it is just a small smile in your face.

That's why I have a lot of different and funny commands to make you happy and laugh with them!


Music is something extraordinary, and, sometimes, you want to share your favorite song with the members of your server, after all, who doesn't want to share the latest release from Justin Bieber?

With a customizable music module, you can have fun listening to your favorite song!


You know what people who quite like something do? They start talking more and more, united by a common denominator.

And that's why I have a Fan Club... which, for some reason, people decided to create that fan club in my apartment... Who had the idea to create this inside my apartament? Sometimes I like to be alone, you know?

Just kidding, everyone is welcome to my Discord server! If you want to talk about me, report bugs that must be fixed, make some amazing suggestions or maybe just to talk about your day then you came to the right place!

Loritta Pobre

Please disable AdBlock!

Yeah I know... You don't like ads... After all, who likes ads?

But sadly I need the ads to survive, keeping me online and well for more than 50k guilds is not cheap nor easy and, if people continue to use ad blocks, maybe I will need to stop being online due to the lack of funds to sustain myself...

If you can disable your adblock, I will be very happy. I know it is annoying ask this kind of stuff to you, but it is the only way I can stay online... I don't want to stop giving happies and fun to everyone that love me...

If you want to continue to use AdBlock or want to support me in a more direct way, then please donate to me so I can stay online and well! Thank you!