Our Team

Behind Loritta there are several people who work hard for her to achieve her dream of being a famous digital influencer who wants to make the world a better place.

Let's go behind the scenes to meet the people who shape transform and transform our beloved Loritta!

Loritta's Creator

Underworld - Two Months Off
"She said "rawr x3", so it's true love at first sight" - Aniversário <t:1693234368:R>

Loritta's Bodyguard (Moderator)

It is impossible for a single person to moderate a gigantic community like Loritta's, so we need help from reliable people.

Loritta's Bodyguards moderate and manage Loritta's servers, protect Loritta from malicious people, help users with questions, and much more!

Bin - Penelope
ㅤ "There are… different ways of being strong"

« Loritta's Support since 21/12/2018 »
ClariS - ALIVE
Suporte oficial da Loritta desde 31 de Janeiro de 2019
Sté linda. | Suporte oficial da Loritta desde 10 de Abril de 2018
Kaike Carlos
"The food they were given had small bombs in it, which exploded from inside their stomachs. In other words, the crime is possible through trap X! The details of a bomb that they could swallow without noticing and that could blow open their stomachs is a Devil's Proof! I refuse to explain!!"
ISOpussy - Unbroken Circle
Urias - Foi Mal
✨ Gerente principal da Rede Dark;
Dono do Kuraminha Bot;
📚 Faço parte da Equipe da Loritta desde 22/12/2020;
📆 Sou parceiro do Discord desde 09/23/2020;
🍰 Aniversário: 19/03;
Jv lindo. | Suporte oficial da Loritta desde 09 de Julho de 2021. café bff!!

* he/him 18 🌈
* Suporte da Lori desde 24/10/2020
mesmo sem motivos pra sorrir, eu sorreio :): | Voleibolista 🏐
Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become
PanKessy#0380 | Suporte oficial da Loritta desde 24/04/2020